The Thing

The Thing

The Thing!

Guess what’s inside – go on, guess!

That, despite appearances, is a chair 🙂 It’s the only piece of furniture that’s going with us, apart from the board games shelves and the wine rack – you can see where our priorities lie!

We took it apart, and then had to work out how best to stack the pieces together so they wouldn’t get damaged in transit, since they’re too big to fit in any of the boxes (despite the fact that the shipping guys gave us four different sizes of boxes). The solution involved two old towels, three recycling bags, the end of the bubble wrap, the two chair cushions and the brown wrapping bags from the shipping company… It took us about an hour and a half (luckily, the rest of the packing has been quicker!)

Giles couldn’t stop laughing at the monstrosity we created.

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