Clearing and cleaning

Amazing, wonderful Giles has cleaned the hob – it took him 45 mins (he says less) but it now looks as good as when it was installed 2 months ago, not like it did a day ago with much from all our cooking on it…

Plus, we took two car loads to London (with help from Mum) and taking a load of bits to the waste/recycling place tomorrow. So the flat is nearly clear! And we’ve nearly finished cleaning the windows! Now we just have to clean the rest of the flat…

The worrying thing is that even once we’ve moved out, we still have loads of stuff that’s now in London that needs to be rearranged – we need to finish packing the stuff for shipping, and unpack the bits that we want to leave in London/sell, etc. etc. etc. By now, we’re reduced to piling stuff in boxes to get it out of the flat in time to clean the flat properly before we go.

But, we also have all sorts of paperwork to sort out still, and stuff like that. So it’s going to be a frantic 3 weeks hurtling towards the day of departure.

As it happens, the day of departure will be 6 years and 2 days since I last set off for NZ – hopefully it hasn’t changed too much in those 6 years and is just as wonderful as I remember!

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