Full Monty

Watching Full Monty on TV – I love that film. Brilliantly ridiculous, with so many good bits. All the messages of love, depression, etc. are all snuck in amongst the comedy – in the best film style, the comedy makes the tragic moments much more poignant. The bit where they’re all watching Flashdance, commenting that she doesn’t know how to do welding properly!

Mark Addy: “Know what? I can weld better ‘n her, ‘n all.”

I am sick of packing. But now we’ve got a week away from London, so time for more maths! I need to read up on regression – the biggest gap in my stats knowledge. And we’ll be seeing Giles’s little nephew again tomorrow 🙂

It’s also weird that we’re so close to leaving, and we can now think about where to go in the week before my course and Giles’s job start. Hopefully we can manage to get down to South Island for 2 or 3 days, so Giles can see Marlborough and Nelson and a bit of Wellington – tho hopefully the ferry crossing won’t be too choppy at this time of year!

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