Back in London

So, we got back to London on Saturday, after a sad goodbye with Giles’s parents and a sleepy trip back on the train. It was very weird leaving the car behind, after we’d done so many journeys in it with all our stuff. On the upside, the train tickets were ridiculously cheap – £6 each advance from Rugby to London Euston, on a Saturday.

Sunday, Giles headed off to meet a friend and wander round Science Museum. I tried to meet up with a friend but was somewhat scuppered by the attack of the massive migraine – all the headaches I haven’t had for a couple of weeks, rolled into one. My kind, patient friend tried to encourage me through a bit of lunch then packed me onto the train home again.

The headache was still there on Monday. But nevertheless, we had a lovely, very silly visit with my aunt and uncle, and my dad came along too, which tripled the silliness. Lunch of pate, salad, ham, French bread, in the sunshine in their beautiful garden – who could want more?

We’re almost done with the packing now – about 2 more boxes to go, and small ones at that. Need to also take masses more boxes and bags to the charity shop, and put my electric piano into my mum’s cellar (we’re borrowing one in the flat in Auckland). But generally feeling better about things. Only 5 days to go!


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