More visa fun

Yes, my visa is still not here, so that leaves one day left when it might show up. Unfortunately there are a couple of factors that make it unlikely my visa will to put in an appearance tomorrow morning:

1. The Royal Mail, who failed to deliver my special delivery envelope until Tuesday 11:45am, after I had posted it on the previous Friday morning. (I am going to at least try  for the compensation for late delivery).

2. The New Zealand embassy who seem to have taken this afternoon off and won’t give me any information about how my visa is progressing – but if they are not there to give information, they are also not there to actually work on it and post it to me.

So, I have been looking at options for changing my flight, it’s £125 to change a flight and get another that goes by the same route/airline, alternatively £325 to cancel it and get another that goes by a different route/airline. Of course that is also plus any difference between the old flight price and new flight price. Currently that makes cancellation look cheaper since the cheapest flight I could get for next Wednesday would be ~£2800 with the same route/airline combo, or ~£860 with another airline. Either way this isn’t going to be cheap and we’d end up flying out separately, which would be pretty rubbish.

Also, if the visa doesn’t show I need to change my flight, but I have no idea when the visa will arrive, so I get to gamble, will it be Wednesday, Thursday, will it be delayed further, will I have to re-cancel my canceled flight…what fun!

I am now very much hoping that my visa makes a magical appearance tomorrow morning 🙂

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