Two more days…

So, it’s only two more days until Giles starts work and I start my course. As usual, time has flown by, and as usual I’ve no idea where it all went. On the up-side, I think we have most of our paperwork sorted now, and most of the essential shopping to get us set up. On the down-side, I really haven’t done enough maths preparation yet.

I’m at the flat, trying to fend off the start of a cold and get last few things sorted. Giles has headed off to Waiheke Island, where hopefully he’ll have a good wander and get some good photos, although it’s no longer as beautifully sunny as last week…

On the whole, I think we’re adapting fairly well. Barring small-ish shocks, like the price of cars here… But I know it’ll be a while before we’re properly integrated. We at least know our way round.

Once we’ve been working/studying consistently for a couple of weeks, we’ll go and investigate the sailing situation – apparently, all we need to do is turn up at Westhaven Marina and find people who need crew… It would be great to start sailing regularly, and hopefully would be a good way to meet more people đŸ™‚

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