Running to work and back

Today was my first day running to and from work. Previously, I had been walking, and searching for good routes across the city to get from home to work. I have found a pretty good route that goes through the University, then through the Auckland Domain – so I keep away from the fumes of rush hour traffic as much as possible, and minimise the number of roads I have to wait to cross. The run takes 25 minutes, whereas walking (a more direct route) takes 40 minutes.

Unfortunately, the route is pretty hilly; it’s hard to travel across Auckland without either going uphill or downhill at some point. The climb up into the Auckland Domain is particularly steep, and pretty long too. I am hoping it will get easier with practice, because it almost ground me a halt this morning. It doesn’t help that there are benches at about 1/3 and 2/3 of the way up, tempting you to take a seat and give your legs and lungs a rest.

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