Catching up

Ow, my legs hurt. And my feet. But all this walking is good for me… That’s what I’m trying to tell myself. The reason for the tiredness is that I got up at 5.20am, and walked down to the ferry terminal, getting there just as my friend arrived in the bus from the airport. Perfect! Then we walked all the way up Queen Street looking for anywhere (except Burger King or McDonalds) that was open before 7am.

No luck. Had to wait till 7. But once we’d had coffee/tea and woken up a bit, we walked down Queen Street again, and caught the ferry over to Waiheke Island. Ferry crossing was very blowy, at least from up on the top outside deck, and the view was spoilt somewhat by the fact that it was a very cloudy day…

We walked the long way round to Church Bay, past the swish houses along the coast, and then back up across to Oneroa, where we stopped to eat fish and kumara chips on the beach, whilst trying to protect them from seagulls. Church Bay and Oneroa are both on the Waiheke peninsula that’s nearest to Auckland Central, so there’s a lot of the island that we didn’t see, but that leaves more for the next time I go! By the time we’d had lunch, it was at least fairly sunny (though still windy!) for the walk back to the harbour and the ferry crossing. While on the ferry we saw masses of yachts racing in the harbour – it made me so impatient to get on with sailing round here, it looked like so much fun!

Then we had another walk, all the way up to Auckland Museum in the Domain, and then briefly round the museum before it shut – and then finally the last walk down to Queen Street so my friend could catch the bus back to the airport. It was a good day!

It was great to see him again after quite a while, to catch up and hear what he’s been up to. And just funny that he was passing through here so soon after I arrived!

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