The Cabin in the Woods and The Angels’ Share

So, the New Zealand International Film Festival has started! And last night we went to the New Zealand premier of The Cabin in the Woods, produced by Joss Whedon. It was out in the UK a few months ago, but it sounds like the producer and director had trouble getting it released all over the place (something about MGM going bankrupt, apparently).

It was brilliant! It’s a bit of a horror movie, but really not just a horror movie – I don’t like horror movies that make you writhe with the tension, but it wasn’t really like that. It was a Scream kind of horror movie. But nothing at all like that. Even if you don’t normally like horror movies, you should still see it – it was just so good. We’re going to get it at some point on DVD, partly so we can watch it with subtitles, to get all the little funny lines that we missed…

We also had a bonus afterwards, in the form of Anna Hutchinson, one of the stars, appearing in the theatre to answer questions from the audience. She was very sweet and utterly excited about the film and how everyone she worked with was “rad”, etc. 🙂

Then tonight we saw Ken Loach’s new film The Angels’ Share, which is about a whisky heist. Don’t try and find out more about it, just see it. It’s set in Scotland, it’s got great characters, and we couldn’t work out how it was going to end, even on a meta-thinking level. I’m now going to have to see some more of his work. This despite the fact that we were sitting at the end of the third row from the front in the stalls – i.e. one of the worst angles for viewing the film. I still got utterly drawn into it.

Here’s hoping the rest of the films we’ve booked for turn out to be as great as these two!

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