Car update

So, we got a new car last weekend. And we drove it down to my cousin’s house in Drury, stayed there for a few hours, then drove it home. All was well.

Then we left the car in the garage all week. When we tried to start it on Saturday, it wouldn’t start. Dead battery. Argh. We called out Roadside Rescue (luckily we’d chosen to add this option to our car insurance) who restarted the car, and told us that with such an old battery (it’s about 7 yrs old, as old as the car) we would have to use the car every day to keep the battery alive. This is not going to happen.

So we kept the car running, and drove down to the dealership in South Auckland, and asked them about it, and they agreed to pay for a new battery (phew!) and a warranty to go with it, at least for the first few months. We kept the car running while we were there, just in case (it was only a short drive down there) and then headed out to the Waitakere Ranges, the bush area west of Auckland, where we’d been planning to go in the first place.

Hoping that the drive out west was long enough to fully charge the battery, we stopped at the Arataki Visitor Centre to pick up some maps of the area, and went for a shorter-than-intended walk near the centre. Saw some cool NZ trees, got a few photos, then returned to the car. Luckily, it started again! 🙂

We grabbed some takeaway dinner and then played board games with friends who live in Swanson (near where we were walking), and were very relieved when the car also started happily when we needed to drive home.

And today, the saga is over, for we have got a new battery, and the car starts ok again 🙂

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