Why am I here?

I’m not homesick.

That is, I miss my friends and family, but I don’t miss the rest of the UK. And oddly, my friends and family don’t seem as far away as you might think – I’m getting regular emails from many of them, and speaking to family on Skype quite a bit.

But I am getting this creeping, barely-conscious sensation that something’s not right. Some part of my brain is saying “Hang on, shouldn’t you be going home now? You’ve had fun, and that’s great, but shouldn’t you be leaving?”

Maybe I’m imagining it. I think it’s just that I’m currently very tired, and slightly ill (yes, yet again) and a bit overworked (every day, and frequently, I think about how much uni work I have yet to do), but some part of me is not quite relaxed because this place isn’t quite familiar enough yet.

I know I’ll get over it, and most of me knows that I’m enjoying it here, and so far it’s worth it, but right now I’m tired, and here is not the comforting place that I need to be in.

PS Oh, and I keep forgetting to mention to people that our shipping’s arrived – it should be a big momentous thing, but I don’t even feel happy about it any more – all that it means is that the flat’s full of boxes, but there isn’t room to unpack all of them so I might as well ignore what’s in most of them.

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