Windy Auckland

The wind is whistling along the edges of the French windows in our flat – again. People here keep telling me “Oh, this is nothing, Wellington is the windy place.” This is not true – well, it’s true that Wellington is very windy, but it doesn’t mean that Auckland is not windy.

Auckland may not be windier than Cambridge (which, being flat, suffered from a lot of wind blowing straight over the Fens with nothing to block it), but I haven’t lived there for 6 years (argh that’s so long) so I can’t accurately remember.

But Auckland is definitely windier than London, Letchworth, Stevenage, Woking, Basingstoke – all the places I’ve lived and worked in the last 6 years. So it doesn’t help when people just tell me “Wellington’s worse”, my hair still ends up looking frazzled or blowing into my mouth, and my ears still get cold. (It also doesn’t help that my memory of Wellington is from two visits there during my mammoth NZ-Australia tour 6 years ago, and I got some freak sunny and fairly calm weather throughout both visits, so my gut doesn’t want to believe them about the Wellington side of it either.)

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