Rip-roaring wind

If you look at the banner image on our blog you’ll notice the two buildings on the far right are covered in a white plastic sheeting. This is to protect the workers from the rain while they are doing alteration work on the building. Unfortunately, today the wind was so bad that it got underneath the covering and started to tear it off. Even with all the windows closed in our apartment we could easily hear the noise of the plastic from across the street as it was whipped around in the wind. We were just wondering if we should tell someone it had ripped when a group of firemen appeared on the roof of an adjacent building.

Shortly after they arrived they started swinging a weighted rope to try and pin down the flapping material, but it was proving difficult. After a little while they gave up and workmen in hard hats arrived on the scene. They had decided to cut the plastic off.

And before long they had managed to cut most of the plastic off the roof.

As you can see in the above picture the building behind still had its plastic cover on and parts were freely flapping in the wind. As I sit here writing this post (about an hour later) the far building still has its cover flapping in the wind. I’m sure they’ll get it sorted soon…

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