Colonel Bogey

It’s over! Well, not quite over. I still have one exam left. But it’s only one, and it’s not for a week and a half. Today I had my other Auckland Uni exam, and Luke, my project partner, handed in our report for the consulting project (which we get marked on instead of an exam). And I’ve done my two Open University exams as well (last week and the week before). So the weeks of chaos, trying to juggle all the different stuff I needed to do, are over.

Next week I will be revising for the other course. And working on my master’s project, partly because I have abandoned it for the past few weeks but mostly because I’ll go mad (sorry, ‘madder’) if I do nothing but revise Stats 783.

Today’s exam was horrible. Not massively nasty questions, but not nearly enough time to answer the questions we did have – only time to write down the answers, with almost no time for thinking through them if you weren’t quite sure of the answers. And then we (most of the class) agreed that it was horrible, that none of us had finished, and went to kidnap our lecturer to complain about how horrible the exam was. Ok, we didn’t really kidnap him – that was more of a joke plan. Along with the joke plan to burn down his office. But he did very kindly agree to buy us all a drink.

And I got to discover a whole little patch of the university that I’d never seen before – the Staff Common Room (including bar and lots, and lots of tables) – and we had fun chatting about random stuff (not just the exam) on the terrace looking out on the sunny lawn and the pretty flowerbeds.

Giles is out sailing – the first of the Richmond Yacht Club’s Friday Night Special series – and hopefully he’s been having a great time too 🙂 I’ll get to do the next sail in two weeks’ time.

Oh, and I got a great tip about places to visit on the east coast of North Island for when Mum’s here in December, and I found out that there’s a kayaking club in Sandringham. No, not where the Queen sometimes lives – this one’s a suburb of Auckland. Much less fun, apart from the kayaking.

And finally, as I was walking home past Aotea Square, there was a marching troupe of 8 women in white and black uniforms, marching to ‘Colonel Bogey’s March’, which is a wonderful melody, although in my case better known as the tune for a naughty song about Hitler (see after the break). So all in all, the evening has been much more fun than the rest of today was, and I am happy 🙂

Are you sure you want to know the words to a dirty song about Hitler, that my dad taught me? Oh, all right then.

“Hitler, he’s only got one ball.
Goering has two, but very small.
Himmler has something sim’lar,
But poor old Goebbels has no balls at all.”

There, was that fun? It’s better with the right tune – and such a cheerful tune, too!

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