Playing around

So, we had a pretty busy weekend – a board-games-heavy weekend. Friday night we went round to see friends for board games and a catch up, Saturday morning we went to a board games event to check out the stalls selling games (and bought 3 new ones), then drove further out to meet other friends for games, then (after nipping back home for food) went out again Saturday evening for, yes, yet more games.

Giles was the one that introduced me to board games, though I’d been brought up playing various games like Mah-Jong and lots of card games with my family, so it wasn’t a bit stretch. We’re both competitive enough to play games fairly seriously, and we like the challenge of all the problem solving. But we never played more than once a month or so in the UK – we didn’t have many friends near where we lived whom we could play with. But here, we easily found lots of new friends who play games, and several of them have more games than us, so they introduce us to lots of games we didn’t know. The only slight niggle is that a couple of them keep winning almost every game we play with them! But we’re determined to get better…

I’m glad we had a social activity to do when we got here, that would help us get to know more people. We’ve tried going along to various non-board-games meetups as well, but the board games days are easier, because you’ve got something to do, instead of just trying to make slightly awkward conversations with people, and with board gamers we often seem to share a similar mentality.

Oh, and for anyone who’s interested, the new games we got are Dominion: Intrigue (the fourth version of Dominion we’ve bought), Castles of Burgundy, and Village (which involves placing workers, and then killing them off one by one – an amusingly brutal game).

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