Life After Exams

Well, I’ve finished my exams. And my masters project. And the presentation about it. Technically, I finished about 2 weeks ago, but it took me about a week to adjust, and then we went on holiday.

It’s been a very busy term. Just before the semester began, I started doing part-time consulting work with the university’s Statistics Consulting Service. Then just after Easter we submitted our permanent residency application, which then turned out to need more paperwork. After that, life got a bit tangled with university work, masters project, two consulting projects and, most stressful of all, the residency paperwork, which I couldn’t leave behind when I went home, because I was always dealing with it at home.

As part of that, I had to get an extra set of blood tests done, because of a slight anomalous result on my medical certificate, but the extra tests came back totally normal, so the likely cause of the original odd result was that I was slightly dehydrated. Yes, that’s all that was wrong. It’s a somewhat inaccurate test. Anyway, it was a relief to find out that I didn’t in fact have something unexpectedly wrong with me. Now I’m just waiting for one other piece of paperwork — sadly, it’s the bit that takes 8 weeks, so we had to get an extension from the immigration people, who wanted it sooner than that. Fingers crossed it’ll finally get submitted mid-August, and then I can stop worrying about that.

Exams were ok, though the one I thought would be hard wasn’t and the ones I thought would be ok were tough. The project report was mostly done before exams, but then it’s been mostly done since March. It’s amazing how the last bit of something can be a lot bigger than you think it is.

And now I’m doing more consulting work in the short gap between university and my trip to the US and UK, and considering my options for the future. As they say, watch this space.

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