NaNoWriMo Progress – Part 3

Today is not a good day. Up till 2 days ago, I’d managed to get into a pretty good routine, writing just under 1000 words per day, on course to hit 25,000-30,000 words by the end of November — far short of the NaNoWriMo goal, but satisfactory, especially given I’m reasonably happy with most of what I’ve written.

Then yesterday I was feeling tired, and creatively tired, and although I managed to start the scene I was working on, I didn’t get more than about 400 words written overall.

I did work out an issue with my story, a problem with most of my scenes, which I can go back & fix after NaNoWriMo for scenes I’ve already written, but which I can try to fix for scenes I’m about to write. And that’s immensely useful in the long term, for making the book stronger.

I also tried to write a sentence or two at the start of several different scenes, because I have a lot of trouble starting writing when I’m at the start of a scene, so I thought if I set it up now, when I come back to write those scenes, it’ll go a bit smoother.

So you see, even though I didn’t write enough words, yesterday was still a useful day.

But I did have the beginning of a cold yesterday, & I was already tired, then last night I slept very badly, mostly due to not breathing properly because of the cold. I am now slightly bunged up, and exhausted, and once I’ve got home from the two meetings I have today I highly doubt I’ll have the energy for writing.

It’s taking a lot of effort at the moment to squish my inner editor, so writing is more tiring than fun. Only on about half the days do I manage to get to the point of good writing flow, and even then it takes me a long time & effort to get there.

Sorry to sound so despondent. I may be happily surprised, & come home feeling energised & write a lot, but I’m not betting on it. It’s more important to shake off this cold & avoid it spoiling the rest of November.


In fact, this day has not turned out so bad after all. I have achieved my current goal of 1000 words in day, though I still haven’t quite caught up for the reduced word count yesterday or Saturday. But today I’ve achieved more than I expected. Lets see if I can repeat that feat every day for the rest of November! It will start with a good night’s sleep…

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